Our History

Sillaro was founded in 1969, on the wave of the economic boom that marked the period, when the company came up with the idea of producing drums for washing powder. The first drums were made in the original factory in Borghetto Lodigiano; the exponential growth experienced in the 1970s led to the need to build a new, larger factory in Livraga.


Sillaro born in 1969, with the idea to produce detergent drums: the first production of drums started in Borghetto Lodigiano. In 70’s the company built a new biggest factory located in Livraga.


By 1977, the new production facility in the Industrial Area of Livraga employed some 50 people over a number of shifts, while a further 20 continued to work in the Borghetto Lodigiano factory.

At the start of the 1980s, the company decided to begin manufacturing the machines it had been using for years to produce the drums, leading to the foundation of Reno Contenitori (Bologna), which exports all over the world.
The 1980s also saw the introduction of new plastic containers, and this element – together with a need to save money on the part of washing powder manufacturers – led Sillaro to change its production strategy.


In 80’s born the idea to produce the equipment essential to create drums: in Reno Contenitori (Bo) was established the society that now export all over the world.
In the 80’s Sillaro introduced a new product: the plastic container. This element created a transformation of product strategy.


The introduction of kraft fibre drums was followed by the installation of the cutting machine used to cut printer cardboard for graphic use and for the paper industry.
Following a reorganisation, the company continued to focus on these two new markets, earning an excellent reputation on both for the quality of its products.

The Scotti family took over ownership of the company and relaunched the business, concentrating on the production of cardboard drums and tubes and handles for washing powder containers.


In 2009 Scotti family succeed to company property, relaunching the activity that will move the company fom Livraga to San Colombano al Lambro and concentrating the activity on the production of carton drums and tubes and on grip of detergent box.


Sillaro moved to the new factory in San Colombano al Lambro (Milan), invested in new production lines and equipment and increased its workforce.

Turnover and employee numbers continued to rise significantly, and new management figures joined the sales force and the technical area. New investments were made in machinery, production premises and equipment, and the company’s presence on the market grew, also at European level.


Significant growth in sales volume and number of workers, with the introduction of management roles in both technical and sales areas. New investments in equipment, spaces for the production and machineries. Its presence in the market expands, also at European level.


Major changes in store at Sillaro, with a new logo and restyled graphics. The S represents the icon of the cardboard reel unwinding, maintaining a link with the past and the tradition of a company on the move: a new symbol that accompanies us in the present and right on into the future.